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Old Aberdyfi
Old Aberdyfi

Aberdyfi. Initially, our Williams family from Aberdyfi was the main target of research. Being a very busy port, Aberdyfi produced many sea-faring families. A large number of men reached the pinnacle of their trade as Master Mariners. One of those men was Hen Taid (great grandfather) Captain Owen Williams – a Master Mariner who married twice and had 14 children!

Captain Owen Williams
Captain Owen Williams
John Davies Williams

Taid (grandfather). John Davies Williams, was the youngest of Owen’s children from his first marriage. Johnny Corbet, as he was to become known, served as a ‘Boy’ aboard the schooner Sarah Davies at the age of 13. After many travels and two circumnavigations of the world he served as a Trinity House Pilot for Aberdyfi for 15 years – a post previously held by his father.

As research progressed it became evident that this was a big family and a huge undertaking. In time, other researchers started to get in touch and many more families have been added. The Williams Family Tree now extends its many branches all over the world and interesting information continues to be received on an almost daily basis.

Gifford. One of the ships sailed by John Davies Williams – pictured here off the cliffs of Dover about 1900.

Barker. Our mother’s mother was Leah Barker. Quite a few years ago my first cousin once removed, Professor Sydney Alan Barker, set out on the trail of his family. He wanted a family crest but first had to prove that he was not related to any other Barker family that already had one. He produced a booklet containing extensive research dating back to 1423.

Barker Coat of Arms
Ethel Barker with the Barker Coat of Arms

Williams. This prompted David Williams to  research our family history. Dai kept his records in a card index which, as you can imagine, got rather large very quickly. Following on from his research we computerised the data and eventually created The Williams Family Tree website.

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Vessels - The Gifford off Cliffs of Dover about 1900

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