The Wates Family Saga
Tuesday, October 5, 2021 11:17 AM

Margaret Pitt (1903-1922)

The original version of ‘The Wates Family Saga’ was compiled by Margaret Pitt (pictured) and ‘completed’ in 1974.  This was well before the days when personal computers and wordprocessors were widely used.  The first edition was typed and hand-written notes were found on an original version, added by Margaret over time.

From the foreword of the 6th edition, by Brian Wates


The Williams Family Tree and the Wates families are linked via my cousin Michael Richards. When I heard about the Saga I became interested and asked if I might have a copy and set about adding the "Wates" to my database. It has taken many years to add the data as life and other issues got in the way. The crunch came when Brian Wates and Ian Roberts informed me that they were going to produce the 6th and final edition of the Saga.

After some discussion, Brian and Ian agreed to hold on to publication until I had gone through the information in the Saga. So, six months of solid research on nothing but the Wates and associated families later, it is done. Or rather, it is done for now!

Maybe someone will take over and produce another edition. Maybe not. Either way, the information will remain on this website along with any new or interesting data I come across.

If you have any updates or corrections to the information presented here please get in touch with me via this website. Brian and Ian can be contacted via this link:



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