Abraham Aspinall , 18551883 (aged 28 years)

Abraham /Aspinall/
Given names

Marriage Certificate: 1880. Marriage Solemnized at The Parish Church in the Parish of St. Bride, Stretford in the County of Lancashire. No.: 49. When Married: November 7th, 1880. Name and Surname: Abraham Aspinall - Jane Roberts. Age: 24 - 27. Condition: Bachelor - Spinster. Rank or Profession: Stonemason - . Residence at the time of Marriage: 14 Mellor Grove - 14 Mellor Grove. Father's Name and Surname: Hatfield Aspinall (Deceased) - David Roberts (Deceased). Rank or Profession of Father: Stonemason - Woollen Spinner. In the Presence of: Edward Casson Atkinson, Caroline Jane Smith.

Shared note

Birth Certificate: Registration District: Oswestry. 1855 Birth in the Subdistrict of Knockin in the County of Salop. No.: 355. When and where born: Twentyfifth April 1855, Ruyton. Name, if any: Abraham. Sex: Boy. Name and Surname of father: Hatfield Aspinall. Name, surname and maiden surname of mother: Jane Aspinall formerly Thornton. Occupation of father: Stonemason. Signature, description and residence of informant: Hatfield Aspinall, Father, Ruyton. When registered: First June 1855. Signature of registrar: S. Briscoe, Registrar.

From the 1861 Census (RG9 Piece 2614 Folio 75 Page 15) Abraham, 5, Scholar, was with his mother Jane, 43, at Sandbach Heath, Sandbach, Cheshire, England. With him were his sisters Ann, 18, Book Binder, Fanny, 16, Silk Throwster, Hannah, 9, Scholar, Eliza, 7, Scholar, Jane, 3, and Sarah, 9 months.

From the 1871 Census (RG10 Piece 4001 Folio 110 Page 42) Abraham, 15, a Stonemason, was with his mother Jane, 54, a widow, at 15 Henlock Street, Hulme, Manchester. With him were his sisters Anne, 28, a Warehouse Girl, Hannah, 19, a Factory Operative, Eliza, 17, a Factory Operative, Jane, 12, a Scholar, and Sarah E. (Son?), 10, a Scholar.

Death Certificate: Registration District: Barton upon Irwell. 1883 Death in the Sub-district of Stretford in the County of Lancashire. No.: 168. When and where died: Twenty fourth November, 1883, 15 Mellor Grove, Stretford. Name and surname: Abraham Aspinall. Sex: Male. Age: 27 Years. Occupation: Stonemason. Cause of death: Phthisis, Certified by ???? Signature, description and residence of informant: X The mark of Ann Hallatt, Sister, present at the death, 15 Mellor Grove, Stretford. When registered: Twenty Seventh November 1883. Signature of registrar: Samuel Kelsall, Registrar. (Note: Phthisis - Chronic wasting away due to ,or a name for, tuberculosis or consumption.)