Lewis Williams , 18401882 (aged 42 years)

Lewis /Williams/
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Volume 27, Page 89


Volume 11a, Page 245


Volume 11b, Page 123, Age 41

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Aged 1 in 1841 Census and 10 in 1851 Census.

It appears ages were rounded down to the nearest 5 years.

From the 1841 Census (HO107 Piece 1429/12 Folio 10 Page 12), Lewis, 1, is living with his parents, John, 45, and Mary, 34, in Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. John is described as being an Ag(ricultural) Lab(ourer) and of being born in the same county as the Census (Merionethshire). Mary was not born in the same county (she was born in Cardiganshire). Lewis was born in the same county as were his siblings John 6, Owen 3, Jane 12, Ann(e) 11, Susan(nah) 8, and Ellinor 5.

From the 1851 Census (HO107 Piece 2495 Folio 228 Page 18) Lewis, 10, a Scholar, was with his parents John, 55, a River Boatman, born Towyn, Merionethshire, Wales, and Mary, 45, born Llanbrynmair, at Duck Street, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. With him were his siblings Susan(nah), 17, a House Servant, Ellen(or), 14, a Scholar, and Ellis, 6, all born in Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales.

From the 1861 Census (RG9 Piece 4526 Folio 39) there was a Lewis Williams, 21, Mate aboard the 85 ton Schooner Gratitude anchored in Newport.

From the 1881 Census (RG11 Piece 5478 Folio 56 page 1) Lewis, 40, a Master Mariner, was with his wife Ann, 40, at 3 Prospect Place, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. With them were their children (Eliza) Annie, 15, Frances Ellen, 12, Evan Jones, 9, and Susanah Margaret, 5, all Scholars. A Visitor to the home was Evan Jones, 42, an unmarried Schoolmaster from Newquay, Cardigan whom I assume was Ann's brother.

I make the assumption that Evan Jones is the wifes brother so I give her the surname Jones!

From "A Real Little Seaport" by Lewis Lloyd; Lewis Williams appears to have had a rather uneven career. In 1867, aged 26, he was discharged at Cork 13/5/1867, yet he seems to have been Master of the schooner 'Azoff' (71 tons) in 1864, aged 23. He had served previously on the 'Azoff'. He was discharged 11/5/1864. Special circumstances may have occasioned this early command. No reference to Lewis Williams in the records has been encountered for the period from 1867 to 1879 when he was Mate (£3 15s. a month) of the schooner 'Mary & Ellen', aged 39. He was discharged at Liverpool 28/7/1879. He re-joined the 'Mary & Ellen' and was discharged at Briton Ferry 15/3/1880 to become Master of the schooner 'Catherine' (still aged 39). He was soon reduced to Boatswain (£4 a month), but, following his discharge in Bristol 14/9/1880, he resumed command of the 'Catherine' and Lewis Williams, aged 19, was Mate.