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1 Robert Parker 

From the 1841 Census (HO107 Piece 285 Folio 6 Page 5)
Robert, 4. was with his parents Robert 30. Agricultural Labourer and Elizabeth. 30. They were residing in Owermoigne, Dorset, With them were his siblings George 5. Sarah, 1.
Everyone was recorded as having been born in Dorset. 
Bascombe, Robert (I109922)
2 Maria Bascombe nee Ridout

From the 1871 Census (RG10 Piece 1996 Folio Page 13)
Maria, 27, born East Lulworth, Dorset, was with her husband James, 23. born Groom born Tyneham, Dorset.They were residing in East Lulworth, Dorset. With them were their children Fanny, 1, born East Lulworth, Dorset, Charles, 3 days born East Lulworth, Dorset.
Ridout, Maria (I109957)

1911 - not married, Chief Clerk, Hornsey 
Cutbush, Henry (I40989)

8 descendents traced over 3 generations, but - there are many more on Robert's website I am unable to pin down. 
Float, Eleanor Cicily (I40885)

Charles went to Australia between 1851 and 1860.

In 1867 he and his family sailed to New Zealand on the Alhambra from Melbourne on 5 Jan.

As well as Ellen, there was a male infant in the party. 
Family (F12178)

Contact made with Elizabeth Hannaford on Genes (Harry's grand-daughter_

Unable, however, to find death reg. for Harry 1972 - 1976 nor Winifred 1976 - 1978 , so perhaps they died abroad ? 
Family (F12818)

Country wide civil registration of births, marriages and deaths commenced on 1 July 1837 in England and Wales. Registration took place at local civil registrars who in turn reported to the Registrar General at the General Register Office (GRO) in London. This national index to vital records is an essential source of genealogical information for family historians.

Since the original birth, marriage and death registers are not open to the public, access to the information on one of these certificates is done by first searching the national birth, marriage and death indexes, that have been created by the GRO for this purpose. The indexes for the three events are divided into volumes by year following which entries are listed alphabetically. Once an entry in one of the indexes is found, you are then able to use that information to order of copy of a death, marriage or birth certificate from the GRO. Information that can be obtained from the birth index includes:

Full name of child

Maiden name of mother

Month and year of registration

Registration district (each county in England and Wales was divided up into registration districts; jurisdictions are organized and appear as they existed at the time the record was created)

Inferred county (the county is inferred based on what counties the registration district covered)

Volume number

Page number

Note: The district listed is the district where the event was registered, not necessarily the location where the event actually occurred.

This database is made available to users, courtesy of the volunteers of the FreeBMD organization. The leadership of FreeBMD have organized the permissions and tools necessary to enable thousands of volunteers to convert to electronic text, and publish online, searchable indexes to the civil registrations in England and Wales. Because of the nature of the index you will note that not all of the fields have been indexed all of the time. Until 1866, most of the indexes were handwritten, making the task of conversion sometimes difficult. 
Source (S8515)

Found on the 1911 census living in Kilburn.

Only one child found with the Cowley / Tucker names. 
Family (F12834)

Hambledon vol 2a p72 Q3 1855 
Venn, John (I57246)

In 1891 they are living in the same building as William and Mary Ann, William is an Iron Founder.

In 1901 he is calling himself Thomas and is a Laundry Proprietor.

1911 - back to William, Iron Founder. 
Family (F12524)

In 1901 they are living with Annie's parents; Ernest is a carpet salesman.

In 1911 they were obviously feeling bolshie; both state dont remember where they were born - too long ago ! They say married 7 years - in fact it was 17 - that might be an error. Ernest is using George and is now a Gardener.

Living 5 the Broadway, Muswell Hill. 
Family (F12544)

In 1911 Sidney was still at home, working as a Blacksmith.

Sidney was in the Royal Navy in WW1 and served as an Engineering Sub Lt. He died in service and is buried at the military cemetery in Glasgow. 
Russum, Sidney Willet (I41356)

John was a cook/chef.

In Oxford in the 1880's he was a Refreshment House Keeper. By 1891 they had moved to Hammersmith where John was a Chef. In 1901 they were in Paddington, where John was a Cook / Manager.

In 1911 he was a widower, Attendent at Doctors. ?
John F was still at home and William, his brother, was also living with them. 
Cowley, John (I41221)

The 1939 Register is one of the most important twentieth century genealogical resources for England and Wales. The 1931 census was destroyed by fire. No census was taken in 1941 because of the war. So the 1939 register is the only national census-like resource available for this period.

Once war became inevitable the British Government knew they had to issue National Identity cards. They planned for the wide-scale mobilisation of the population and the eventual introduction of rationing. The most recent census was now almost a decade old, so more up-to-date statistics were needed. Some preparations had already begun for the 1941 census, so the Government capitalised on this to take a register of the civilian population. They issued Identity cards immediately afterwards (which were used until 1952).

The Government constantly updated and changed the 1939 Register over time to take account of changes of address or deaths. When they introduced rationing in 1941, they planned it with information from the 1939 Register. The 1939 Register eventually formed the basis of the NHS registration system. 
Source (S10553)

This data collection consists of burial records from Church of England parish registers in the Diocese of Manchester, from the original registers deposited at the Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives. It includes the areas of Manchester, Salford, Bolton, Rochdale, Stretford and Trafford, Ashton-under-Lyne, Oldham, Leigh and Rossendale.

About this Collection:

Records are typically arranged in chronological order and contain the following information:

Name of deceased
Death or burial date
Age at time of death

Additional details such as where buried or cause of death may also be available on the original record.

Parish Records:

Parish records--primarily christenings, marriages, and burials--are the best source of vital record information before the nineteenth century. Before Civil Registration began in 1837, key events in a person's life were typically recorded by the Church rather than the State. Starting in the sixteenth century, parish records are some of the longest running records available.

Beginning in 1598, clergy were required to send copies of their parish registers to the bishop of their diocese. These copies are known as Bishop's Transcripts. Bishop's Transcripts are useful in cases where originals are unreadable or no longer exist.

In 1812, George Rose's Act called for pre-printed registers to be used for separate baptism, marriage, and burial registers as a way of standardizing records. These standardized registers are included in this collection. For earlier registers, please see the link provided below in the Related Data Collections section.

In association with Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives
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This data collection contains baptism and burial records from 1541-1812 and marriage records from 1541-1753 for Church of England parish registers in Manchester.

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This data collection consists of baptism records from Church of England parish registers in Manchester, from the original registers deposited at the Greater Manchester County Record Office.

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This data collection contains marriage records and marriage banns from Church of England parish registers in Manchester county, from the original registers deposited at the Greater Manchester County Record Office.
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Source (S9169)
A tragic famly. Their second son died aged 3. Helen (mother) died in 1872 leaving Joseph with two children aged 7 and 3, and then Joseph died in 1877.

Children Robert and Helen were living with their paternal grandmother in 1881. Then Robert died in 1883, aged 18. 
Family (F12536)
Alfred's date of birth taken from his Naval record.

He joined the Navy in 1888 and became an Officer in 1895
His record shows him to have trained extensively at the Naval Gunnery school in Porsmouth. His Officer record is till to be obtained. 
Family (F12595)
All a bit mysterious! Jesse was was a labourer - there are details of his family on a tree on Rootswebb.

After Caroline died ( ie: on the 1871 census) Jesse, Annie and Jesse jnr are in the Cranbrook Workhouse. In 1881 Jesse is lodging in Hawkhurst, Annie is in service in London. No sign of Jesse jnr. or Esther.

There is also a James Judge in the workhouse in 1871, aged 7. However, I can''t find a registration. I sent for Caroline's death cert. to see if she'd died in childbirth., but apparently not. So probably not related.

Annie married in 1886, but no trace found so far of Jesse or Esther after 1881. 
Family (F12368)
All the children were still living at home in 1901. 
Family (F12592)
Ann and her brother Henry emigrated together, sailing on ship Cornwell.

No details known of husband John Wootton, nor of son John, other than dates - provided from Andrew Geering.

It seems likely that Ann died in childbirth in 1844. 
Family (F12620)
Ann was with James and Lucy at home on the 1841 census.

Contact received via Genes from grandson of Alexander Clements, Emma's son. 
Family (F12208)
Anna is living in the county of LeHigh and is 7 years old. Anna lives with her parents William and Blanche and siblings Fanny, Mary, Henry WIlliam and James. Anna is attending school. 
Mellen, Anna F. (I101739)
Annie is 1 year old and lives with her parents Jacob and Eliza at Treleaven's Cross Lane and siblings David, Freddy, and Lilly. 
Hancock, Annie (I101471)
Annie is 10 (11?) and living at Bojea Barrow, with her parents Jacob and Eliza and all her siblings Lillie, David, Fred, Edith, William, Chalres, Emily and Beatrice. Annie is a scholar. 
Hancock, Annie (I101471)
as a 2nd Lieut with the NZ Forces in WW1 
Piper, Donald Vincent (I100161)
Beatrice is 1 year old and living at Bojea Barrow, with her parents Jacob and Eliza and all her siblings Lillie, David, Annie, Edith, Charles, Fred, William and Emily. 
Hancock, Beatrice Maud (I103058)
Beatrice is 11 years old and continues to live at Bojea Barrow with her parents Jacob and Eliza and siblings Charlie, William, Emily, Ellen, Sydney and Reginald. 
Hancock, Beatrice Maud (I103058)
Birmingham Vol 6D Jun Qt. Page 177 
Allen, Minnie (I2294)
Blanche is now living in the Brooklyn Ward of King County as is 64 (61?) years old. (She also gives her birth as March 1835 and says she was born in NY!) She indicates that she has been married 38 years, when they have been married about 42 years. Blanche indicates that she has had 5 children and that all are still living. She lives with her husband William and remaining children Nannie and Charles. 
Skewes, Blanche (I104615)
Blanche is living in Morris County and is 41years old. Blanche lives with her husband William and children Mary, Maria, William, Henry, Sarah, Nannie and Charles. 
Skewes, Blanche (I104615)
Blanche is living in the county of LeHigh and is 32 (31?) years old. Blanche lives with her husband William and growing family, Fanny, Mary, Anna, Henry WIlliam and James. 
Skewes, Blanche (I104615)
Blanche is now 71years old and continues to live in Brooklyn. She indicates that she has been married 51 (52?) years and that she is from ENGLAND. She says she immigrated in 1852 and is a naturalized citizen. Blanche indicates that she has had 13 children and that 9 are still living. 
Skewes, Blanche (I104615)
Blanche Mellen (spelt Million) was 21 years old and living in Polk County with her husband William and infant daughter Fannie. 
Skewes, Blanche (I104615)
Caroline (shown as Catherine) depending on the transcription of the census resided in the Treverbyn ecclesiastical district of St. Austell. She was living at Rescorla with her mother Catherine Medland (Widow) her 3 half siblings ,Mary Ann, Jacob and Grace and full sister Elizabeth. Caroline was 13 years old, and was a mine labourer. 
Medland, Caroline (I104151)
Caroline is 21 (23?) years old and lives at Bridges with her husband William and children William and Grace. 
Medland, Caroline (I104151)
Caroline is 3 years old and living in the Village of Rescoerla with her mother Catharine and her full sisters Thomasin and Elizabeth. Also living in the home were her half siblings Jacob, John, William, Mary Ann and Grace. 
Medland, Caroline (I104151)
Caroline is 32 (33?) years old and continues to live in Bridges with her husband William and children William, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Racheal and Kate. 
Medland, Caroline (I104151)
Caroline is 71 (73?) years old and lives once again on Higher Bore St. with her granddaughter Beatrice Wright. 
Medland, Caroline (I104151)
Caroline is now 42 (43?) years old and lives at Cross. She is widowed and working as a charwoman. Also still living at homea re children John, Racheal, Kate and Emma. 
Medland, Caroline (I104151)
Caroline is now 52 (53?) years old and lives on her own means at 49 Higher Base? Street. 
Medland, Caroline (I104151)
Charles is now living in the Brooklyn Ward of King County as is 21 (22?) years old. (He gives his birth as Sep 1878 and says she was born in NY!) Charles lives with his parents William and Blance and sister Nannie. Charles is also an engineer. 
Mellen, Charles T. (I102205)
Charles and baby Gladys were at home with his parents (Louise and James) in 1901, Ada having obviously died in child-birth.

Marriage and death reg. for Ada Nightingale, birth reg. Nightengale.

Charles re-married in 1909. 
Family (F12199)
Charles is 9 years old and living at Bojea Barrow, with his parents Jacob and Eliza and all his siblings Lillie, David, Annie, Edith, William, Fred, Emily and Beatrice. Charles is a scholar. 
Hancock, Charles (I100061)
Charles is living in Morris County and is 2 years old. Charles lives with his parents William and Blanche and siblings Mary, Henry, Maria, William, Sarah and Nannie. 
Mellen, Charles T. (I102205)
Charles was found when his daughter Amelia was staying with her Aunt Ann (Clements) in 1861. In 1851 Amelia was staying with her maternal grandparents Henry and Susan Stokes.

Marriage found between Amelia Stokes and Charles Cutbush. 
Family (F12164)
Charlie is now 19 years old and continues to live at Bojea Barrow with his parents Jacob and Eliza and siblings William, Emily, Beatrice, Ellen, Sydney and Reginald. Charlie is also a clay laborer. 
Hancock, Charles (I100061)
child 1: John Read ROOTS (afn: 2287-4W8 )
gender: Male
birth: 1766
burial: 1767 Sep 25
Bishopstone, Wiltshire, England

child 2: Mary READ (afn: 2287-50T )
gender: Female
birth: 1782

child 3: Jane READ REED (afn: 1LNZ-2ZN )
gender: Female
birth: 1778
Bishopstone, Wiltshire, England
burial: 1825 Jan 30
Bishopstone, Wiltshire, England

child 4: John READ (afn: 2287-4XG )
gender: Male
birth: 1770

child 5: Thomas READ (afn: 2287-4ZN )
gender: Male
birth: 1774

child 6: Jane READ (afn: BC2B-CK )
gender: Female
birth: 1789
Warminster, Wiltshire, England
death: 1842 Nov 15
Warminster, Wiltshire, England 
Family (F17329)
Contact on Genes with John Harper's step daughter Vicky, who supplied some data on the family - not much! 
Family (F12626)
Contact through Genes Reunited with Gordon, who was an only child. 
Prebble, Gordon Reginald (I40227)
Courtesy of Susan Phillips 
Source (S10058)

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