A brief history of this project

Dai Williams was responsible for starting the family tree about 40 years ago with local information and a booklet about the history of the Barker family produced by Professor Alan Barker. After a while, it became obvious that the card index system he was using was not going to easily cope with the vast amount of information that was heading in and so it was computerised by brother Phil Williams.

Computers and software came and went and the ever-growing database was moved from one machine to another and eventually on to the web. This is when it really took off with people contacting us from all over the globe to add and amend data and even connecting long-lost relatives.

We are now rapidly heading for the 60,000 70,000 120,000 individuals mark! Why? Because many, many people have contributed to the Williams Family Tree project and we are extremely grateful to all of them. Whether they have supplied just a date change, ancestral reports or a full-blown data file, we thank them all.

Now, with DNA testing becoming cheaper and cheaper, we are getting in touch with even more possible cousins. Who knows what the future holds?

We hope that this new look site will attract even more visitors and entice more of you to contribute your knowledge, information and pictures so that we can keep going for many more years …

Some Numbers

Here are some figures for The Williams Family Tree

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A fantastic growth considering we had about 80 people at the beginning!

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An amazing number of families to keep track of!

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From free sites to paid-for jobbies, from emails to complete files, so many sources!