A long winter and a hot summer. Whether this has anything to do with the computer problems I’ve been having lately I don’t know. Suffice to say that an upgrade on my main server failed and so I decided to utilise my old laptop as my new ownCloud and local website server. Hopefully, everything is now up and running with the latest versions of everything. Time will tell. Those of you with ownCloud accounts will be notified once all the data has been re-installed. You will be issued with temporary passwords which should be changed as soon as possible.


My sister-in-law, Helen, is the 7x great-granddaughter of William Redshaw born about 1670. A lot of the information ‘borrowed’ from The Redshaw Family Tree turned out to be incorrect. I have been hacking away at this branch of the family from time to time and I believe that the information on the website is now pretty accurate. Thanks to all who have helped with updates and corrections.

Other Branches

Research continues with the Rattenbury and Maidment families. Other branches are also being updated and added to as and when time allows. Again, many thanks for all the contributions.

The Jones Family

After reading a post on FaceBook, I decided to quickly delve into the Jones family from Aberdyfi. Well, one of them! As far as I am aware, there is no link to the Williams family but in no time at all the Jones tree grew to over 300 individuals. Surnames include Allingham, Bate, Brown, Carter, Cowley, Edwards, Ellingham, Evans, Fowles, French, Gordon, Henderson, Humphreys, Johnson, Mulliner, Nelson, O’Hara, Parry, Prince, Rogers, Shaw, Smith, and Wyatt. If you are linked to any of these families please get in touch.


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  1. Hi, Phil–

    My name is Brijit Reed and the reason I’m contacting you is that like you, I descend from an Edwards family. My line settled in Virginia and later, Kentucky, here in the US, but it’s believed that they originated in Wales.

    I’m not sure if you’d be interested, but just in case you are, I wanted to let you know that I’ve recently created a Facebook group for descendants of the Edwards families around the world. I’d like to collect data that could help me trace specific lines of Edwards families and I’m hoping to connect them to two places: New York and Wales. This data will be used to help me develop a logical conclusion for the non-fiction book I’m working on about the family and the NY legend associated with them. To learn more, you can visit the group page here, which provides more detail, as well as an article I’ve written related to the book itself.

    Best wishes,

    –Brijit Reed

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